• What's your story?

    Tickit grew out of our former incarnation as a design studio. It was kind of an accident. One of our clients needed to sell festival tickets online, and everything on the market was either too expensive, too complicated or too ugly. We built them a simple little ticket store and the sales were a big success. Since that first show Tickit has evolved in response to the needs of the growing number of event promoters that use it.

    We’re never going to be a big company with thousands of customers. Our niche is providing one-on-one support to a small number of events. Given how important smooth and reliable ticket sales are to events (hint: very), we think this is the right way to go.

    Tickit processes millions of dollars in sales each year and has been quietly rocking away since 2008. And that first client is still selling with us to this day.

  • How do I know who's arrived at my event?

    Your Tickit dashboard has a nifty report showing how many tickets have been admitted to your event, updated in near-realtime.

    As ticketholders are scanned in, your dashboard shows how many of each ticket type have entered and how many remain, letting you plan gate shifts and monitor capacity for walk-up sales.

    The dashboard works great on smartphones, so you can always stay in the know.

    The check-in dashboard is also great for your event post-mortems. Ever wonder how many of those sponsor comps are actually redeemed? Now you'll know.

  • Can I scan tickets in if I don't have an internet connection?

    Definitely – the checkin apps have been designed to work with spotty or non-existant internet connections.

    If you don't have an internet connection on site then you'll need to cut-off ticket sales when you load up your check-in manifest before the show. For most events that's not a problem, but it is worth noting.

    More importantly, if you have multiple scanning stations then they won't stay in sync. That means that someone could enter using the same ticket at two different gates, since the computers or mobile devices wouldn't be talking to each other.

    For remote sites, 3G internet sticks are a great option since the Tickit app only uses a tiny bit of bandwidth.

    All that said, our check-in app was built to work happily with either intermittent internet or no internet at all and will sync everything up as soon as an internet connection is available.

  • How does event entry work with multiple gates?

    At each gate you'll setup scanning stations with laptops running the Tickit app paired with barcode scanners or use the Tickit Checkin app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (you can mix and match laptops and mobile devices).

    Each scanner is loaded up with all your ticket data. The scanners synchronize with the Tickit system in realtime, keeping track of which tickets have been admitted at all of your scanning stations.

    Tickit can support dozens of scanning stations all running at the same time, even if your gates are kilometers apart.

  • How does single-gate event entry work?

    Before doors open you'll setup a laptop running the Tickit app paired with a barcode scanner or use the Tickit Checkin app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    The app loads all your ticket data and marks each ticket as "redeemed" as you scan people in.

    The app also checks with the Tickit server throughout your event to see if any more tickets have sold, keeping your door list up-to-date at all times.

  • How far in advance do I have to cut-off sales?

    As long as you have an internet connection for your computers it's totally up to you. In fact, you can keep selling tickets during your show. The Tickit check-in app pulls in any new ticket sales every few minutes so it's always up-to-date.

  • We're not a big event – does Tickit still make sense for us?

    It depends. Tickit is fantastic for promoters or venues that host multiple events throughout the year. Each time you book a date you make a few clicks and your tickets are on sale.

    If you've just got a small, one-time event we're probably not the best fit.

  • How are fees paid?

    Since all money is deposited directly into your account, we send you an invoice each month for the fees you've collected.

    Invoices are "net 30" in the lead up to your event and can be paid by cheque, credit card, transfer or Interac online. We do reserve the right to collect all fees before gates open.

    If you use Stripe as your payment processor then you don’t need to worry about invoices at all. Fees come out automatically and refunds are credited back to you immediately. We’ll send you a monthly statement, but there are no invoices to pay.

  • What are our fees?

    We try to keep our fees as straightforward as possible so there's no percentages to calculate on top of set fees – it's all-in-one.

    $0 ticket = free
    up to $9.99 = $0.50
    $10 to $19.99 = $1.00
    $20 to $39.99 = $1.50
    $40 to $59.99 = $2.00
    $60 to $79.99 = $2.50
    $80 to $99.99 = $3.00
    $100 to $149.99 = $4.00
    $150 to $249.99 = $5.00
    $250 to $349.99 = $6.00
    $350 and up = $7.00

    You'll need a way to get paid – we recommend setting up a Stripe account to receive your money.

    You can also use traditional payment processing services in which case, all funds, including our fees, are deposited directly into your account, and we invoice you monthly for the fee amount.

    Regular merchant account and payment processing fees will also apply. Get in touch below to ask about our supplemental fee system that allow you to be compensated for those hidden costs.

  • What about my customers' privacy?

    It's great that your thinking about this. We are, too.

    Your customers' data is always transmitted to the Tickit system over secure connections. Their data only goes two places by default: the databases on our secure servers and our encrypted backups. No third-parties get access.

    When you setup your store you can choose whether you want to add Google Analytics, Facebook and other integrations. This means some data would be shared, but it's totally up to you.

  • Can you handle a huge flood of orders?

    You bet. Tickit has been through its fair share of early-bird ticket launches, surprise artist announcements and last-minute deals, and we've come through with flying colours.

  • Do you hold back my funds until after my event?

    No. The money goes directly into your account.

    The big ticketing sites can't payout your money until after your event since there is no way they can ever know all their customers (i.e. some could be dodgy promoters). We chose to focus Tickit on supporting fewer events, which means we get to know each of our sellers. This model lets us payout funds immediately, among other many great things.

  • How secure is Tickit?

    We've got security covered. All connections to Tickit sites (even this one) are made over secure connections. We also don't store or log any credit card numbers so even if someone could get into our servers there wouldn't be anything worth taking.

  • What happens if we need help?

    We've got your back. We deal with a small number of events compared to the big online ticketing systems. We know each of our customers and talk to them directly many times over the course of selling tickets for an event. Personal support is part of our business model and it's one of the ways we distinguish ourselves from our competition.

    Once we setup your store you'll have direct phone and email contact with us anytime.

Contact Us

You can also reach us directly by sending email to hello@tickit.ca