Tickit grew out of our former incarnation as a design studio. It was kind of an accident. One of our clients needed to sell festival tickets online, and everything on the market was either too expensive, too complicated or too ugly. We built them a simple little ticket store and the sales were a big success. Since that first show Tickit has evolved in response to the needs of the growing number of event promoters that use it.

We’re never going to be a big company with thousands of customers. Our niche is providing one-on-one support to a small number of events. Given how important smooth and reliable ticket sales are to events (hint: very), we think this is the right way to go.

Tickit processes millions of dollars in sales each year and has been quietly rocking away since 2008. And that first client is still selling with us to this day.

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You can also reach us directly by sending email to hello@tickit.ca