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  • Personalized, friendly service

    Behind the platform are real people providing strategy, support, and peace-of-mind from start to finish. We can even be on the ground with you during your event – at the gate, training volunteer leads, and making sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Strategic thinking

    Tickit offers insights and tools that let you work smarter and give your attendees a better experience. From marketing tickets, to setting up gates, and handling volunteers, we can help make everything seamless.

  • Fair prices

    Nobody likes paying the service fees when buying tickets. High fees leave patrons feeling taken advantage of. That’s why Tickit offers some of the most competitive pricing on the market, with flexible options to keep costs low, whether you handle the fees or decide to pass them on to the ticket buyer.

  • Get your money fast

    From artist deposits to salaries, producing events takes money. We make sure you get access to your sales revenue as soon as possible. And, unlike other services, we never hold your money until after your event – it goes directly into your merchant account.

  • Make accounting your friend

    Tickit was designed with bookkeepers in mind. Our powerful reporting tools deliver data that empower executive producers and treasurers alike. (And Canadian events get built-in GST breakouts and no exchange rates.

  • Simplify day-to-day operations

    Tickit makes common tasks like checking on an order, refunding or re-sending tickets, or analysing historical and geographical sales stats intuitive and easy. And if you ever need a hand we’re just an email or phone call away.

  • Make ticket purchasing painless

    Simplicity and speed is key to selling more tickets. We don’t force ticket-buyers to create accounts or login with Facebook, and why we made our ticket-buying interface clear, focused, and uncluttered.

  • Put your brand centre stage

    We’ve worked to minimize our presence in the ticket-buying process. The ticket-buyer has a relationship with you and your event, so we make a point of highlighting your identity and brand instead of ours.

  • Keep things moving

    Waiting in line is no fun for anyone. With multiple scanning options, searchable guest lists, and even old-school printed will-call lists, Tickit makes gate entry fast and easy for both volunteers and attendees.

  • Work with people that get it

    Tickit works with event and festival producers across the country and around the world. We love the passion they (and their tireless volunteers) put into creating experiences audiences and attendees love. We should know. We’re fans too.

I couldn’t imagine ticketing without Tickit.

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